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Eat Crow:

Smallville Episode Reviews and Meta

The Smallville HS Torch "Eat Crow" Column
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The "Eat Crow" column is the place for Smallville reviews and episode-specific analysis. You may also post general meta essays relating to the show, such as discussion of characterization in particular seasons or throughout the whole run of the show; recurring plot motifs, or other thematic elements; color symbolism, and other cinematographic elements; etc.

Feel free to post your review here, post the link to your review here, or post a link to someone else's review, provided it is not friends-locked, password protected, or in some other way marked confidential. Please note a recent change: because of the proliferation of postings by Russian spambots, I have made posting to the community dependent on mod permission. I gave permission to everyone who was already a member, but if you're a new member and want posting access, drop me a line at norwich36 at livejournal.com and as long as you don't have a blank journal and are clearly not a Russian spambot, I'll give you posting access.

Please put episode titles in your entry titles.

You are encouraged to add reviews for episodes long past.

Please cut tag any posts containing specific episode discussion , since not everyone is in the same time zone, or watching episodes on the same schedule. Please be respectful of other community members and do not spoil them. We also suggest that you use cut tags if your analysis is lengthy.

Slash, het, and gen perspectives are all welcome, but keep the discussion civilized; discuss the ideas, not the posters. Discuss other people's reviews only in the comments to their reviews. Do not create new entries to discuss them; these new entries will be deleted.

If you feel the need to discuss how the community is operating, e-mail the moderator at norwich36@livejournal.com. Only a community moderator can post such an entry, which will be clearly marked as ADMIN. All others will be deleted by the moderator(s).

This community is, at this point, an equal opportunity dictatorship.

Community owners reserve the right to amend the rules and enforce them upon posting to the journal with an entry clearly marked ADMIN.