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Smallville 10.21 "Finale"

This is the master post for reviews of Smallville 10.21, "Finale." Please link to your review in the comments on this post. Please indicate next to your link if you have spoilers for other shows in your review.

I am a bit verklempt at the thought that this is the last new Smallville episode ever. This community hasn't been very active since the days it was run by zvi_likes_tv and later serafina20. When I took it over in 2006 it became mainly a link-collector for people's reviews rather than a discussion site. I suppose sometime in the future there will be a Smallville revival the could revive this community as a site for discussion, but if that doesn't happen this may well be the very last post.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed throughout the years, especially those who continued collecting links when I stopped doing so a year or so ago. svgurl and ciaan have been especially faithful at compiling links to other people's reviews, and I appreciate their efforts. The community of Smallville fans has given me a lot of joy over the last 10 years, and I'm sure that will continue to be the case even now that the show is over. Happy finale viewing, everybody!

People on my flist, sorry if you get this twice--I think I accidentally posted it first to my account instead of to the comm.